Constant crashing on Simulating

Hi Guys.

I am really struggling with TFD for lightwave 2018.

Everything is fine until i try to change any of the chanel mappings, It literally crashes Lightwave every time I try to resim having changed ANY curve at all, even by the smallest degree.

I was simulating on an old AMD bulldozer with gtx 11 gig 1080 and 34 gb ram, and it always did this so i decided to hold off until i upgraded my rig.

Now I am using AMD X3900 with GTX 1080 TI OC 11 GB and 64 GB ram at 3200 And an MSI X570A pro motherboard.

My system is not over clocked at all. And running the latest Windows 10 (nov update)

it does this just the same after any envelope change at all.

I conclude that it’s not hardware related or OS as it did it under windows 7 too and must be program related.

Do you have any plans to fix this bug? And if so how soon may it get done as I simply can not use it to create realistic effects in it’s current form.

Many thanks for any feedback you can provide on this issue and all the best for now F.Read.


Prefer to send bug reports to
Always include the following information with your bug report:

  • Operating system version (MacOS, Windows)
  • Host app version (C4D, LW)
  • TurbulenceFD version
  • System and/or host app crash report (linked to in popup)
  • TurbulenceFD log file
    • (Windows) %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\jawset\turbulence.log
    • (MacOS) ~/Library/Preferences/jawset/turbulence.log
  • A detailed description of how to reproduce the problem
  • A minimal test scene if necessary to reproduce the problem
Getting a crash report from Lightwave on Windows

After the crash occurred, Lightwave should prompt you to ask whether to save a crash dump. When you save it, you’ll get a new window that lists a file path to a .dmp file. Please provide this file as part of your bug report.

Thank you.