Controlling fuel ignition speed and distance

Hello I’m new to TFD. Is there a way to control how fast fuel burns over distance? For example you have a 10 meter emitter and you want to light it and have it burn over 10 meters to a specific time. I’ve tried all the settings in the fuel channel as well as the Fuel Masking curve but I can’t figure it out. What I’m trying to do is have a logo (emitter) light on fire from the beginning to end but control the timing. Basically a write on effect. Am I better off using Fuel Masking with a UV mapped masked plane as an emitter vs a logo modeled with geometry?

If you are thinking of something like a fuel spill, for example a line of letters burns from the left to right or a split of fuel lights and races along it’s length, you have a few options.
One is to have fuel ignite based on temperature and then have a small emitter with temp act as the igniter, the fuel will burn and create heat which will ignite the unburnt fuel.
The other option is to make a animated texture on the object to be burning and emit from texture, a black and white mask, or you can even use an animated vertex may/
You could also ingiite anywhere on an object by using TP matterwaves to emit from the object static particles with fuel or burn. You can use all the TP tricks to direct those particles.

Hi Paul thanks for your reply. In regards to option one that you mentioned, that’s the setup I’m currently using. Is their a way to control the speed at which it ignites? I’m writing a logo in fire from right to left but I’m trying to time it to an exact amount or near amount of frames. Is that possible?

I was just about to try option number two as an approach seems like the best way to control things?

The particle technique sounds interesting.

You can try adjusting the fuel burn rate but I find it not so obliging…it does not seem to do what I want most of the time but I think the principle is sound…higher burn rate burns the fuel faster making for a more explosive burn but I do not think that will determine the rate of fire spread, however experiment. I would think it would be best done by setting the fuel ignition high and then as the already burning fuel burns when it reaches the right temp the fuel next to it ignites. I would think that if we can change the rate at which a burning bit of fuel creates temperature we can control how quickly or slowly it ignites the rest of the fuel. Animated textures will give you full control of the fuel emission or even the temperature emission. You could for example make an object emit fuel from it’s entirety but have an animated texture moving over that and this is driving temperature, you can then do all sorts of jiggery pokery with that animated map. Note you can have 2 emitters on an object so one emitter covers it in fuel and another tag is set to provide temperature based on an animated gradient.

Though not what you want it may give some ideas. Density is emitted from TP matter-wave particles, an invisible collider moves down and changes the TP group on contact to one having temperature which causes the flow away. The change in colour is brought about by having a gradient colour ramp on the density colour.