Crash with 1.0.5873

I got this when messing around with the 1.0.5873 build. Dmp attachedreactions.exe_f2ce-65d6-3ca7-28fe.dmp.7z (19.4 KB)


Thanks Phil,
could you briefly describe what you did that lead to the crash?

I was goofing around with the exposion example. I had the render window open and was also trying to see how to get a shaded view (i.e. a review of the fire/smoke shading). I had been clicking through various tabs and menus to see if there was a rendering option to get out of the RGB gradient view.

I wasn’t really expecting a crash so didn’t have a clear record of what I was doing at the time.

That narrows it down enough, thanks. I’ll look into it.

Here’s a crash, but I don’t get the message box or crash dump:

  1. load the explosion.rea
  2. bring up the render view window.
  3. Click the only button icon in the toolbar in that window. Crash.

You can also make hte order 2), 3), 1) and get the crash

Do you mean the IPR button in the Render View toolbar?
Reactions currently crashes when Redshift is not installed, but selected in /render and you enable IPR. If you install Redshift v2.6.48 IPR should work.

I don’t remember explicitly choosing redshift, but I might well have done. I don’t have that available to me.

The render view (that’s how it shows in the window menu, so perhaps it needs to be renamed to IPR?) doesn’t appear to show anything at all for the Viewport renderer selected in attributes. Is that expected?

The explosion example has Redshift pre-selected. Thus if you enable IPR on that example w/o Redshift installed it will crash.
You can use the Redshift demo to test the IPR and volume shading:

The Render View currently only works with Redshift. It should eventually also support viewport renders for consistency. However, they’ll be the same as the main viewport (apart from image size etc.).

The crash when activating IPR with Redshift selected but not installed is fixed in v1.0-5876.