Crashes and Unstoppable Previews in C4D R24

I recently upgraded from ver. 1457 on R21 to ver. 1472 on R24, and TFD has become almost completely unusable.

Most of the time, loading in a TFD container causes an application error and crashes C4D.


If it’s able to actually load the TFD container, then there’s like a 50/50 chance that running a simulation will cause a crash. If it somehow is able to do that, then there’s about a %75 chance that the “stop” button on the simulation will become unresponsive and I have to task manager > force quit out of C4D.

Strangely, If I open a C4D project file that already has scene with TFD components built into it (like one of the pre-made examples that comes with TFD), then I am able to actually run the simulation. However, there’s still about a %75 chance the preview will become unstoppable. And if I try to copy and paste the TFD objects into another scene: crash.

For reference, I am running Windows 10, i7-8700 CPU, dual 1070 ti GPU, 32gb RAM

Is anyone else having these issues? Any help would be great.

PS: In case anyone is able to decipher it, I am including the C4D bugreport text file below.
_BugReport.txt (244.1 KB)

Just made a discovery for dealing with unstoppable simulation previews - hold down esc. It doesn’t work right away, but after about half a second the input seems to slip through and cancel the simulation.

EDIT: I’ve found that this isn’t really reliable.

It would be really great if I could get some help with this…

Having the same issue with R23 1472 and 1471.

Same here, can’t use TFD anymore. Crashes and freezes, I don’t even see the container bounding box anymore … :frowning:

Same problem here with 1472 and 1471. I suspect a Windows update broke it, since this suddenly happened in the last week and it was working fine earlier in the month.

I can confirm that v1465 still works, and that’s what we’re using. You can download it from the “build archive” on the install page.

I tried that version, but I can only download v1465le from the archive…

Yeah - weird. Try contacting support to request a download of 1465 - that’s what I’m doing.

Well at least I’m not alone! I sent this post to support but haven’t heard back yet, but I’ll post their response when they reply (hopefully soon?)

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Please try the latest build v1.0 1475. If the issue persists, please attach the new _BugReport.txt.
Thank you.