Crashes and Unstoppable Previews in C4D R24

I recently upgraded from ver. 1457 on R21 to ver. 1472 on R24, and TFD has become almost completely unusable.

Most of the time, loading in a TFD container causes an application error and crashes C4D.


If it’s able to actually load the TFD container, then there’s like a 50/50 chance that running a simulation will cause a crash. If it somehow is able to do that, then there’s about a %75 chance that the “stop” button on the simulation will become unresponsive and I have to task manager > force quit out of C4D.

Strangely, If I open a C4D project file that already has scene with TFD components built into it (like one of the pre-made examples that comes with TFD), then I am able to actually run the simulation. However, there’s still about a %75 chance the preview will become unstoppable. And if I try to copy and paste the TFD objects into another scene: crash.

For reference, I am running Windows 10, i7-8700 CPU, dual 1070 ti GPU, 32gb RAM

Is anyone else having these issues? Any help would be great.

PS: In case anyone is able to decipher it, I am including the C4D bugreport text file below.
_BugReport.txt (244.1 KB)

Just made a discovery for dealing with unstoppable simulation previews - hold down esc. It doesn’t work right away, but after about half a second the input seems to slip through and cancel the simulation.

EDIT: I’ve found that this isn’t really reliable.

It would be really great if I could get some help with this…

Having the same issue with R23 1472 and 1471.

Same here, can’t use TFD anymore. Crashes and freezes, I don’t even see the container bounding box anymore … :frowning:

Same problem here with 1472 and 1471. I suspect a Windows update broke it, since this suddenly happened in the last week and it was working fine earlier in the month.

I can confirm that v1465 still works, and that’s what we’re using. You can download it from the “build archive” on the install page.

I tried that version, but I can only download v1465le from the archive…

Yeah - weird. Try contacting support to request a download of 1465 - that’s what I’m doing.

Well at least I’m not alone! I sent this post to support but haven’t heard back yet, but I’ll post their response when they reply (hopefully soon?)

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Please try the latest build v1.0 1475. If the issue persists, please attach the new _BugReport.txt.
Thank you.

Same here! i try on the r23 and r24 but always the same issue, even with the last build. Do you have any update on this? T_T

It’s really important to solve it… we can’t use turbulence fd since this issue appears… i sent you several mails, sent you the log files… but 0 awnser… please can you back to us? thank you !

I was not able to reproduce this issue yet. In order to look into this problem i’ll need some additional information.

Directly after the crash and before restarting C4D, please send the TurbulenceFD log file %APPDATA%\jawset\turbulence.log

If you get an crash report from C4D, please send the file _BugReport.txt that it mentions in the message.

Please make sure to use the latest version of TFD. If you have any version older than 1475 installed, remove it completely before installing the latest version.

Thank you.

Damn! i’m so happy, your last build solve the problem! everthing is ok now. sorry for all my email, but it was so sad to not be able to use tfd T_T
thank you for your time !