Create aura power

How can we will do that using turbulence fd c4d

If you just want to emit from the edges of the image create an outline spline and use that as an emitter for TFD

i want to create fire power to outline the character how can we do that? pls send me tutorial start to end Thanks

draw a spline around the image and then have it as an emitter. You really do not need a tutorial for that. If you are a complete beginner to TFD try my full tutorial series. TurbulenceFD (TFD) For Cinema 4D Fundamentals | Software | Training

i dont want to apply fire on image i want to apply on mixamo character,i attach my c4d file link and pic pls see this,i use vertex map and tdf to apply fire on mixamo character, now i dont now how can i control height of fire and smoke, my fire is too large i want small how can we do that?

Set the amount of fuel lower, or whatever is making your fire. Adjust the decay via the container settings ( faster temp lowering, higher burn decay etc) You can also adjust the fire simply but adjusting the ramp on the shader graph.