Custom Flamecolor and two Containers

I try to make a Spell. I got two Problems.

I want to color the Flame of the Hands harder, but i cant figure it out how i can do it. I understand the Function of the Color Blender but i got bad results.

What happens if i got two Flames in a Diffrerent Color ? The Containers may not cross each other.
The Sphere will get a different Color than the Hands.

Containers can share the same coordinates…if you use Redshift or Arnold they can illuminate each other with GI
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You could use two containers and simulate the flames for the hands in one, the flames for the sphere in the other. The containers can be in the same place.
The 2nd container would be a copy of the first. While you run the sim the emitter of the objects would be deactivated.

Lets turn on the First Problem. I want to emitt the both Hands with TFD.

The Preview is fine, but the Result of the Rendering is bad. I dont get the right Setting.
In this Scene i got only the Hands and want to emitt the TFD. The Rendering is Blurry and i dont get enough Details.

I thinck TFD has still Problems with Polyselection.
Inspect the Scene and give me some Hints how to Setup.

TFD Hands.c4d (447.0 KB)

I installed the actual Version of TFD and the Standard View Density does not Work. I can only View Density Fire or Density. The old view does not work. This one with the Blue and Red Voxels.

I got a different Result of the Flame. Finaly i managed to Colorize the Fire in a Blue Setting.

The only Problem is that the Flame is Big. Small Flames are hard to Handle. The first Size i had is not Working. I got only Blurry Results without Details. After i resized the Flame the Result was better.

Small Flames are a Big Deal.

The Colorize is a Hard Work if you dont can Handle the Transparency Setting. Now it works fine.

As i mentioned the Preview Setting Density None only gets the Blue Voxels. Red Voxels do not Appear in the Setting. I was a little Confused about the Density/Flame setting. After a bit of Time i was getting the right Idea.

With the Blue/Red Voxels it would be a lot Easier. Maybe you put in the Function again ?

The Setting i was looking for is Temperature None. Both Red and Blue Voxels are shining. I thought it was otherwise.

My Question about the Containers lifted as well. If you render two or more Containers wich are crossing each other, you have to disable one of them. Otherwise both Voxels are rendered.

I work with Premiere Elements, but i cannot use the Alpha Mask. I have to Set the Opacity to lighten. The Dark areas are weakened and the Emittor is Shining trough.

I cannot render the Voxels in one Step. I had to render 2 Emittors Separately and connect them with Premiere.