Deform xptrail with tfd velocity via xpresso

Hi @ all,
I need help…i try to deform a xptrail with the tfd particle velocity via xpresso c4d.
But sadly i am not able to do it.
Thanks for your help

I would suggest you ask the xparticles guys

You can use TFD’s GetFluidData node to sample any voxel channel value and use it as input to any other Xpresso node. If the xp-trail can be controlled by any such input i don’t know. It might also be worth a try to get C4D’s Hair Objects controlled via Xpresso inputs. Either way is likely to be rather cumbersome and slow, though.

However, there is functionality coming to TFD that will be very helpful for such a setup. I like the showcase you linked a lot. I’m sure we can put together something similar then.

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here is a link… for a better view