Explosion HiRes TurbulenceFD - Scene File Available

TurbulenceFD Explosion In Cinema 4D. The look I was after was very hot Gaseous fire and smoke something that I think is not seen enough in Explosion examples .High Resolution Version Max 240MV voxels which could have gone way higher as I only used 20GB RAM but For an actual shot you really do not need high resolution in a fire. I also set the velocity and channel advection to second order as well as activated the adaptive tracer. It took 7 hours on my I7 3930K 6 core flipping from a TitanX 12GB card at frame 120. I also pushed up my smoke shader settings to loose any banding as the explosion spread up through the cloud, see my earlier examples. Now there was another test here. I rendered at 2560 x 1440 so as to force YouTube to compress using VP09 instead of AVC1 which can be very noisy. Yes I could have used Vimeo but I prefer YouTube as it gets more exposure. Hence my render time at 20 hours. But on a single old I7 6 core that is not so bad. A farm would eat it and Redshift would dance it…well not sure the GPU’s may bail out at high cache sizes., the largest frame is just over 1GB.
Look…I am a hobbyist and I am sure a pro studio would not baulk at these render times considering as how they would slash them with big boys kit and render farms. Anyway…It was fun…Now to slow it right down in post !! I will of course have to do a lot of post work when incorporated into a scene but I think a lot of the issues will be masked by scene elements, motion blur, secondary smoke and explosions, film grain etc. My Headset has died and thus I cannot make a tutorial at the moment, if you like this and are feeling generous you could donate to my Paypal and help me raise the money for a decent microphone and headset. If ya donate I will give you the scene file !! I have quite a few major scenes on the go at the moment and will have some really good tutorials to post up soon. https://paypal.me/vfxtutorials
You can download my full 13 hour TurbulenceFD Training Set from :
I have a rule…I cannot buy any more kit for my system ( even if i could afford it I am a single skint parent !!) unless it can pay for itself. No revenue…no full tutorials though I still make free tutorials when I can…when I have a working headset and microphone !! If ya donate I will give you the scene file !!

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Rats !! Looking at it now I seemed to have clipped the container…I had render when finished sim ON so did not see that !!