Fire simulation along path

Hey guys I’m working on a gun simulation. The bullet will travel down the barrel of a gun. There’s a small hole in the barrel where the gases will escape and move along a tube, and eventually back into the guns “receiver”. Here’s are a couple cutaways showing where the gas travels:

Here’s a sample image I found online that uses xparticles and particles moving along a deformer:

Unfortunately I don’t have xparticles, and was hoping to do this in vanilla C4D/TFD. Anyone have any ideas how this might be achieved?

You can use any emitter object other than XP that moves along the path you want. It does not even have to be a particle system. The key aspect to this setup is creating a tube-like collision object to contain the smoke.
For such collision objects keep in mind that your tube needs to have a wall thickness that covers at least one voxel.

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Oh okay I didn’t realize this was possible actually! I will try some things :slight_smile: Thanks for the tip regarding wall thickness!

Okay here’s what I’ve got so far, looking pretty decent. Any tips on improving the realism, especially at the start/end of the spline path? Curious, is Reactions capable of something like this yet, and if so, would it calculate any faster?

Here is my scene file:
gas flow.c4d (1.2 MB)


@Jascha_Wetzel do you know if something like the above is able to work with Reactions?

Particles-along splines is still experimental in Reactions, but will eventually be available. Also, importing particles from XP will be available.
There is also the option to not move the (particle-)emitter but let only the fluid push through a tube-shaped obstacle.

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