Global path for TFD plugin

Hi, I noticed that in the recent builds there is an .exe file instead.
There are few folders created if im not mistaken and not only inside plugins anymore.

What if I wanna use a global folder that all users have access and have all the plugins in there? Which folders of TFD can I move after installation?

Thanks a lot!

You can share the C:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R2X\plugins\TurbulenceFD folder. It contains everything needed for one version of C4D.

Generally, you should not merge the TFD plugin folders of different C4D versions into one folder anymore. This is the main reason TFD uses an installer now. There are some C4D versions that will hang or crash when trying to load TFD plugins built for other versions. This is the case at least for S22 and R23 and plugins built for newer versions. Other C4D versions may be more tolerant, but there is no guarantee that a service release couldn’t change that.

To avoid this potential source of annoyance, i would recommend sharing separate folders for each C4D version or just run the installer on each machine.


What about the folder with the examples which is located in C:\Program Files? I can move this one as well to a global location?

Yes, the Examples folder is just a completely independent folder of .c4d files that can be anywhere.
You can also copy or share the entire C:\Program Files\Jawset TurbulenceFD folder if you also need to use the bcf2vdb tool.