GPU-CPU Redshift-Arnold

After much experimenting though I do love the Arnold look it seems that RS is the way for me to go. I have been doing some tests using VDBs as the load time for bcf files on RS is a killer.
I7 3930K 3.2 Ghz 64 G RAM Windows 10
Titan 12 GB (Maxwell) + 1070 GT 8 GB
Arnold CPU…150 secs
Redshift 16 secs
Though the Arnold can render on the GPU’s it just is not up to RS quality and speed
And to be honest the RS looks cleaner though it is a struggle to get sharp fire detail but that is just a lack of skill I am sure.
My RS benchmark on the Vulture scene is 8 m 55 secs and the highest benchmark for a single RTX 3090 is 2 min 30 s so 3 - 4 times faster
There are few benchmarks for Arnold but at a rough estimate a 64 Core Ryzen would be around 3 Ghz per core so lets say a 10 x increase in CPU power ( just rough estimates) and this would give a render time of 150 secs / 10 = 15 secs

So as is with my GPU’s I get a frame in 16 secs that is cleaner than I would get if I bought at 64 core Threadripper rig at many thousands of pounds. I could , if I wanted more horsepower just build some base rigs from second hand parts and add in GPU’s at a fraction of the cost, a couple of 1070’s would give me a slightly faster bench mark at 7 mins so basically build a rig and add 2 more 1070’s and I have the equivalent of two 64 core threadrippers.
I will post up some VDBs for everyone to test soon.

In current stable version, Tfd cannot convert vdb witk .bcf > 4.2 GB ( witk only temperature or density ckannel ), if having velocity, it’s about 16,8 GB ). Have no idea how’s going on with Reaction version.

Do you mean a single bcf file @ 4.2 GB ?

Yes, eack single file
Bcf file ( 1 ckannel ) witk capacity more tkan 4.2 GB
Bcf file ( 2 ckannel ) witk capacity more tkan 8.4 GB
Bcf file ( 2 ckannel + velocity ) witk capacity more tkan 17 GB

What specs machine have you got that makes a single bcf file @ 4.2 GB ?

64GB RAM sim witk CPU not use GPU

How many MV to make a bcf file that large ?
BCF to VDB conversion is slow as …things are looking good for rea to vdb but that should be discussed in the Beta forum

Please run a simulate witk single ckannel until it touck 4,2 GB bcf if u don’t mind. It even doesn’t appear on preview. I tkink tkat’s broken before converting to vdb.

Can you post up a basic TFDv1 file that is set to produce the levels of MV you are having issues with. I have a 64 GB Machine and a 12 GB card. So maybe I can test it out.

I still don’t see how you are managing to sim a single 4.2 GB bcf file with only 64GB RAM. How many voxels is it ?

I don’t remember :v But in the past I did 1 billion tests for that, lol. Even it can reach 5, 6 GB ( but all of tkem can not appear on viewport )

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