Half.dll Still Missing

So bcf to vdb cannot work, thankfully I have an older version to use, simply copy the half.dll over, but surprised no one has mentioned this. v 1480

However Arnold prefers bcf to vdb !! A bcf file that renders in 1m 25s takes 2m 59s with vdb. It is not even a loading issue…the actual buckets crawl in comparison to bcf renders. Add that to the time doing a conversion and things look good in that respect…must test on Reactions but I have to get this project done in TFD before I can return to reactions.

On my test system, v1.0 1480 installs Half.dll correctly to C:\Program Files\Jawset TurbulenceFD\bcf2vdb.
Could you confirm that it does not work on your system by removing all versions of TFD and re-installing v1.0 1480?
Thank you.


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Sorry for the delay been a bit distracted !! Yes I did a clean install and the half.dll is now there…must have been due to installing over old installations !!