High Volume Rocket Flame TIPS?

Hello everyone,
Alas I love TurbFD, but don’t have the everyday hours on hours into it to know the most effective methods so I am searching for help.

I am trying to replicate a heavy Rocket Engine Flame (IE Falcon Heavy). The shot are of course going to be shot-specific solution builds.

The main flight solver is what I need help with. The flame has a very unique design. It is nearly 3X longer than the rocket body, has so much energy that the fire really holds a columnar shape then begins to dissipate into the smoke several hundred feet behind the ignition point.

Any suggestions on how to set up the solver to help this form? Also any tips for the parameters (fuel etc) would be very much appreciated. I’ve searched for tutorials, but many just cover campfire, or explosions instead of a high volume columnar rocket flame.

Take a look at the rocket_launch.c4d example file from the plugin package as a starting point.
The challenge with (realistic) rocket launch sims is that the velocity at the nozzle is extremely high. You’ll want to increase the Simulation/Solver/Frame Sub-Steps Limit to allow to resolve the fast movement better.
If the high velocities become too much, you could try to fake the exhaust flame by creating a flame-shaped emitter that is animated to look like an exhaust flame and have the simulation only handle the smoke.