How come I cannot run GPU and only CPU on Build 1465?

I was told GPU won’t work on this build, is that true? How can I get TD to work on GPU?

Support for GPU simulation on Nvidia GPUs is supported in all builds of TurbulenceFD.
Please try removing any version of TFD you have installed, then install the latest build from
(Professional Edition)
(Free Learning Edition)

are there any known issues with the latest version?
I am running a desktop system with:
AMD x3990
C4D R25 (117)
Windows 10 (21H2)
2x 2080TI (nvidia 511.65)
and it seems like the GPU is not being used (version 1480). The simulation is running something like 1 frame a second, which is not what it should be
I have updated all drivers, but still a basic simulation with a basic grid and a sphere emitter is very slow on this system.

On my laptop the simulation is much faster (as fast as it should and is using the GPU)
C4D R25 (117) (same version as my desktop)
Windows 10 (21H1)
RTX 5000 (472.47)

Any idea why this is happening?


Could you send the log file from the machine where TFD does not detect the GPU?
The log file is at %APPDATA%\jawset\turbulence.log
Thank you. (13.0 KB)

Hi Jascha,
here is my logo file