How to make thin smoke line

Hey guys,

Newbie here, just got the plugin a couple days ago. I want to get a thin cigarette-like smoke line out of the product but somehow the smoke coming out is always thicker. Watched some tutorials but couldn’t find how to make the smoke as thin as possible. Any idea? the Emitter is a tiny sphere with a 0.5 cm Radius, the grid size is 0.4 width and depth, and i made the smallest Turbulence size 0,4 cm. Still it’s looking thick and sharp, any idea how to fix this?


Upload a basic scene file and I will tweak and see what i get.

thanks for the reply! i figured a way to do it: i selected everything in my scene and resized it so that it became much larger in size, the emitter went from being 0,4 cm to being 2 cm, the smoke worked well then.

this leaves me with just one question: is it hard to get smoke to work normally in a very small scale scene? which settings should i check when i’m working on a very small scale?

As you found out best to up the scale of your scene, do the sim then rescale down if needed. You can rescale the TFD container as you would do any other object. And try increasing your substeps to get rid of any steppings