Integrate Redshift 3?

Is there a way to integrate Redshift 3? (redshift-core-vc140.dll) Since I’m using it in production and you can’t install multiple versions in parallel…

Given that RS 3.0 is a beta technically, I doubt that Jascha has the time to focus on keeping TFD updated for a constantly changing product. Working with the production builds makes more sense for focusing efforts long term I would imagine. :grin:

In most cases David would be right. In this case here is an exception:
This build supports RS3 (tested with 3.0.21) instead of RS2. The regular nightly builds will continue to support RS2 only.
At the moment i can only switch between RS versions at build-time. That is, a Reactions build can support either RS3 or RS2, not both. I chose RS2 as the default because there is a demo available. Eventually that switch will be done at runtime, detecting which version is installed, but that is not a high priority right now.

The high priority is currently on the C4D plugin. It will have a compatibility bridge for the TFD rendering API. That is, all renderers that support TFD will support rendering Reactions grids. This includes both RS2 and RS3. This is an interim solution to keep renderers connected. Eventually renderers should support Reactions’ new API for its support of sparse grids and direct GPU memory access, which can reduce frame setup times considerably. RS3 is probably going to support the new API very quickly once it’s available.