Intensity Channel Question


So, for the past few days I’ve been experimenting with creating Nebulas with a Voxel Size of 2, and the vdb’s would export as a large file, something like 300MB, however, if I go to the Vorticity & Turbulence Channel and change the intensity channel to Density (which is my main focus for Nebulas), not only to I get personally better results for my project, but the file size is significantly lower, which makes render times much easier.

So, why are files lower in size when I may only the density channel in the Vorticity & turbulence settings? Is it because the simulation is only focusing on 1 channel, as oppose to all the channels?

A change in turbulence, be it from intensity mapping or other parameters, may affect the active region of the simulation, that is the number of non-empty voxels. This will then also affect the size of the cache files.