Intensity mapping diagram

Heya, so in the diagram eg. for vorticity when mapped to temperature: what the vertical column and what the horizontal stands for?

I wanna do the following: when Temperature is max = full amount of vorticity and when temp is min = no vorticity. How would my diagram look like?

Many thanks

It is a linear relationship by default. You adjust the x axis to state at what point to channel effecting the velocity is considered. At 0,0 to 1,1 it is linear and starts effecting the vorticity as soon as there is something in the channel. As you move the left point along the x axis it means that the vorticity will not star until the amount on the x axis is achieved in a channel. Easiest to see with fuel and fuel burn based on temperature. At default any temperature will ignite the fuel but as you shift the graph along the x axis you need more temperature to ignite it. TurbulenceFD (TFD) For Cinema 4D Fundamentals | Software | Training

Mm thanks. Not sure i follow to be honest, its still confusing.

Could you draw me a diagram which affects only lower temperatures so i can understand it?
eg.Turbulence affects immediately under 0.5 temperature.


Simply set an emitter with fuel and then set the fuel to be ignited by temperature, you can then experiment with the graph and see what it does. At default the first point is origin 0,0 so 0 temp gives 0 ignition 1 temp gives 1 ignition (100% ignition). Move the point along the x-axis, half way along to 0.5. You will now find that the fuel will not ignite and till the temperature is above that threshold. Same with vorticity and turbulence, if you set vorticity to be based on density then the default linear graph basically dictates that as the density rises the vorticity increases in a 1:1 fashion.
TFD is ALL about fiddling and diddling and get a hands on feel for what is doing what.

Thanks a lot Paul for the thorough explanation, i ll get back with an example.