Jagged edges on collider

Hi, how to deal with jagged edges on collisions? I noticed that polygon count on objects make no difference. Substeps do? So far seems no unless i need to increase by a lot.
Ideas? thanks

look in the Misc section of the container and choose smooth collision surface rendering
You can get my 13 hour tutorial set here :slight_smile:

Hi Paul! even with that on, i have still jagged unless my voxels are tiny. So its a matter of voxel size as well?
ps. ur course is excellent, waiting for new stuff :slight_smile:

Yes voxel size is the key

Thanks for the thumbs up on the tutorial set. Yes I am planning some major projects and tutorials however I want to do some epic stuff and it is just such time consuming work I am pretending to learn new renderers before I buy one and using that as an excuse not to get stuck in with my new projects. I really need an upgrade rig but I can barely pay the rent ! However once I get some tutorials out I can divert some money to new kit hopefully. Thing is everyone knows the basics now what I want to do is some really high end stuff and that means a LOT of learning for me. My rig was once high end, now kids laugh at it !! I7 3730 K !!!

Oh sorry to hear that! I m about to buy something new myself and idk if AMD threadrippers play ball nice with TFD, cause with XP i see no luck.
I ll buy ur new course if/when gets out :slight_smile:

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