Laminar flow creation

Just came across something today that happily surprised me.
I needed to show something called “laminar flow”.
It surprised me that it actually works in TFD.
I created a tiles material to create an emitter with a grid pattern.
The stream behaves quite well!



Yes the collision detection in TFD is very good even with low quality sims…

This one came out quite well for a first attempt…i have since done better I just need to gather the renders and put them in a video. Not laminar flow as such but lovely collision detection.

Regarding the laminar flow example: this shows very well the difference between undisturbed flow and turbulence flow. Not sure if it works for Bernoulli’s principle for the wing though. That would require that there are zones of high and low pressure inside the simulation. The air would then not only become more turbulent, but would follow/accelerate towards the negative pressure.

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