Light through smoke/fog effect

Hello, I’m new to turbulance fd and I’ve been trying to get this kind of effect with the smoke and light pouring through it but I cant figure it out. Does anyone have a solution? Any and all help is much appreciated.


Setup a basic scene and I will have a look and see if I can advise…I need to know the look you are after and best done with a scene file.

TheLadytronfile.c4d (1.4 MB)

The light and smoke would be coming out of the letters.


I don’t use octane however before i deconstruct the scene and add TFD why not simply use volumetric lights…it is exactly what they were designed for.

Here is the scene for that. What v of C4D are you using ? If you really need TFD then simply add TFD container filled with smoke/density and use the occluded light to illuminate that. I have a tutorial series that may well be of use to you… My TFD Tutorials
ladyboy.c4d (267.2 KB)