Lightwave:A last attempt of getting answers, particle advection and weight emission?

I never got any answers years ago, now there is still a discussion where even those using it in production doesn´t seem to know wether or now weight emission and particle advection now is possible within Lightwave.

So what gives, is there now an option to use weight maps as emission for the fluid density in Lightwave 2019 and up, or not?
Is there an option now to push the particles with particle advection( particle velocity scale?)
or is this still something just for Cinema4D?

Michael aka prometheus

Particle advection is not supported in Lightwave. When this was last discussed, modifying particles in the way necessary for advection was not supported by the LW SDK. I have not checked yet whether this has since been added to newer SDK versions.

This information was probably buried in some forum thread. I’ll make sure we collect this type of information in a knowledge base in the future. That is, things that don’t fit into the manual but are too important for forum threads should get a more prominent and searchable place.

Regarding weighted emission, you can use the Particle Property option and its Intensity mapping on the emitter to control the emitted fluid channel intensity via particle properties.

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Thanks jascha,

didn´t know about the option you mentioned here, will have to try later, but we did a workaround according to this images…I was messing with dp nodes and got this working, in the native VDB gas solver that is, then
Marander over at newtek tested this with TFD …and it worked nicely there as well.

Currently I will take the whole christmas though to test Embergen demos first, then get back to TFD when I see some more updates for it.

Must add, they did implement some stuff for particle advection the vdb tools, how much in the SDK that would open up for TFD particle advection I do not know.

The release of the latest 2020 was so thin in my opinion, that it left me completely unmotivated to even download and try it out…unfortunately, and given the situation of developers that left and newtek not confirming furhter development, doesn´t increasy my motivation a single bit unfortunately.

Still have some hopes it can come together some day…but I reckon they need to swap out and gather new developers first that will take some time, provided they have the intention to do so.