Login problems with Reactions

when I login on the Reactions pop up login on c4d startup I type in my email address and password. Then I get a message - ALL SEATS ARE IN USE…

I dont know how to proceed. I opened all of the other versions of c4d that I have and made sure I didnt log into the reactions so I am not sure what it means - all seats are in use.

I dont have multiple c4d apps open with TFD running. so i am here asking for advice to move forward testing the Reactions.

I tried it earlier this year then stopped testing it… Now I have some time to get back into it…

anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks for reporting this issue. The Beta login should be working again.

thanks! it worked…

good day just installed Reactions beta and I seem to be having the same issue

This expiration issue should be fixed now. Please try again.
Thank you.

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