Mastering Fluid inside Cinema 4D sneak peek

3m17 for my new Tfd vdb shader


What Machine specs ? Arnold does gorgeous TFD renders but needs a 32 core at a minimum and /or a render farm. Saying that I can get reasonable renders at around 10 mins a frame on my 6 core and 5 mins on my dual 8 core xeons.

My old Machine have 12 cores. The tip is that you need to know how to optimize volume in Arnold, and specially, never render Tfd container. Tfd container is very slow and heavy memory. VDB file should be much more effecient.

Even VDB convert tool also are not optimized yet. Because it try to convert 10 files per time. It should not. Because if your bcf is too large, example 4GB above, 10 files = 40GB. It will never finished, even months or years because of stucking.

A tired trick is, I copy 2 files to a new folder, then convert, then delete, then copy, then convert, then delete…over and over again. OMG I was too patient hehe.

VDB convert tool should focus to convert ONE FILE EACH TIME. I’m not sure if Jacha improve it in the future because Reaction are comming. :3