Mastering TurbulenceFD Volume 1 Training

Hi all, just wanted to let you know that I have finally released Volume 1 of my training for TurbulenceFD. Thanks to Jascha and everyone for the assistance.

For a limited time you can get Volume 1 for 60% off as a thank you, and because I know there are many people struggling this year. I wanted to help out as best I could.

Head to for more info or go straight to the product post here:



Due to a technical snafu, some users were unable to get the discount code to work, so I have decided to extend the sale to January 8th, 2021 (this Friday). So if you missed out last week, you now have a second chance at the 60% off sale.

Click blue “Buy all” button
…then click “Apply promo code” text
… then you can enter code TFD60 for the discount.