Maybe all Node setup is the not best approach

Hey guys,

So, I’m one of those users that thinks an all node approach is probably the wrong approach. Why, because they work really well for the technical artist, but not so well for artist that wants to get the end result as quick as possible. However, I do understand the flexibility of nodes.

I like to ask that you take a look at Tyflow or particle flow for 3DS Max. It’s basically using Group nodes, but within the group nodes, you stack or layer your operations. This seems much more intuitive and much easier on the eyes as you only end up with a handful of group nodes. Each of these group node is very easy to understand as it is using a layer approach to see the order of operation.

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I absolutely agree. The C4D plugin and Reactions presets are still incomplete in this regard.
Reactions nodes can be grouped into Compound Nodes (like files into folders) that expose only selected parameters. This allows building simple, re-usable assets. These can then be dragged into C4D to show them as objects. You’ll never have to look at the nodes if you don’t need to. You’ll select a preset (like Campfire, Explosion, Cumulus Cloud) from the Reactions menu in C4D and it will show up as a C4D object with Campfire-specific parameters only.
There is going to be a TFD-like asset that is less specific, exposes many parameters and allows you to avoid using nodes while getting TFD-like flexibility.

If you do want more modular control, there are also a few usability features coming to the Graph Editor including a stack mode as well as several auto-connect helpers. Most simple sequences of operations should be a matter of stacking several nodes on top of each other without drawing any connections explicitly. Explicit connections should only be necessary if you need a Y-shaped graph that cannot be reduced to a list.

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Thanks, I’m looking forward to the stack mode. There just too many programs in my daily workflow now that needs to be juggled. It was easier 15 years ago when I only needed 2-3 programs on a daily basis, but with all the program segmentation going on, I’m finding it hard to jump between programs with all their different node approaches and workflow UI. It is easy to get confused unless you are a dedicated artist to one task, but what fun is that :slight_smile: