More SlowMo Testing

Been away from raw TFD for a while concentrating on learning Arnold/Fusion/Resolve.

Created in Turbulence FD, rendered in Arnold direct from TFD bcf files…no VDB’s. Max voxels were around 600 MV simmed in 5 hours on a Titan X 12 GB and then onto a Dual 8 Core Xeon rig. Rendered in around 5 hours. 150 frames at 1920x1080 retimed to 600 frames at 4K
This was NOT an Arnold shading exercise, more a retiming and uprising test. I use Fusion Optical flow and the super scaling in Resolve.

As a comparison to my last render I did a similar scene with lower voxels ( 200MV Max) as generally fire will have motion blur and the detail is not so essential. For that reason I cached velocity and increased steps to 3 and still got the sim done in around 30 mins and 2 hours to render 150 frames. Arnold took the velocity direct from the bcf and I have a render of Arnold native motion blur which I will upload. I also changed the scaling in the emission from the previous ‘Opacity’ to ’ None’ as I found the Opacity and Thermodynamic settings blew out the highlights as you can see in the first video, I prefer a more dull look that shows all the levels and I can pump that up in fusion/resolve.

Of course being 4K you may need to set your viewer to read the high res and YT often defaults to a lower res.
You can see the stepping artefacts in the first video which i got rid of with using 3 substeps in the second video, of course the lower resolution also helped there.

Sorry but so far Pyro does not cut the mustard for me. As usual Maxon bring out a ‘Awesome’ new tool and everyone goes nuts about it…till they see the shortcomings and the issues with it.