Movement through tube

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need help. My sim of exhaust smoke don´t really moves through my tube it looks like small popups that build up. I use X-Particles Follow Spline, and the particles-movement looks good but the TFD Sim not.
How to get more “motion”?

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Give me a basic scene setup to look at, i do not have xparticles but should be able to do something. Also post a render of what you have now

Hi Paul, here it is. I´ve go away from x-particles in this case. The question is now, how to let TFD generate that much smoke that fills up the whole tube in a few seconds, without using more emitters.

Thank you!
TFD-Tube.c4d (365.3 KB)

ok will have a look later today

Hows this ? You may need to fix some geometry issues at the bends. If you want to keep the flow fast try adding an emitter with negative pressure that is animated to move in front of the smoke.

Here is the file
v1TFD-Tube.c4d (413.0 KB)
My TFD Tutorial Set

Fantastic. Thank you so much. You “just” increased the valaue pressure and force in the Force Tab? Great Tipp with the negative value! Thank you

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You’ll need to ferret around to see the changes…sorry I forgot exactly what I did.