Multiple Container Cache

I was wondering if there is a way to cache the multiple containers in one scene.

I have 4+ containers in one scene, tested every container and adjusted their setting.

Now I want to put all of them to the cache and go eat lunch or something.
Is there such a function, where I can put all of the containers to simulate at once?

or do I have to cache each one separately?

thanks for the help~

Simulate while rendering

If this box is checked, the simulation will be done frame by frame during the rendering of the scene to the picture viewer. This is useful for batch simulation and rendering, but can also be used as a way of previewing the simulation while it runs at a higher quality as the other previewing options provide.

thank you for quick answer, I will try that method

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If your simulations are large, you may want to disable all but one container when doing batched simulations using the sim-while-render option in order to reduce memory usage. Then batch the scene multiple times, each time with a different container selected. Future versions will do this for you more conveniently.

Also remember to reduce the render settings to avoid spending a lot of time rendering - unless you do want the properly rendered result.