Multiple containers and emitters

As a newbie I’m still trying to wrap my head around TFD

I have a simulation with 2 containers each with its own emitter. The emitters are two fire rings. The outer fire ring is 60 meters and the inner fire ring is 2 meters. Each emitter and container has unique attributes. Since the outer 60 meter ring encompasses the inner 2 meter ring, to create 2 separate fire sims with their own unique attributes I select the container for the larger outer 60 meter fire ring, and I turn off all channel attributes for the inner 2 meter fire ring and create a sim. Once complete I then choose the container for the 2 meter inner fire ring and create another sim.

This now gives me 2 separate sims that I can control and create an animation or render separate composite passes from.

Is this the only way to a achieve this workflow, or is there another more simpler approach I’m overlooking? I’m using the LightWave 3D version

That is the general trick I usually use a separate sim for the ground blast but here i did it all in one which gives more accurate flow, note the suction effect at the beginning by the blast and then note how at the end the ground smoke pulls some of the central blast. I am not sure, must experiment but I would imagine RS and Arnold would allow two containers to interact i.e. the heat from one could use the fire to GI light up the smoke in another. Don’t see why not will give it a spin later.