Nebula Test..Just Playing Nothing Final!

Planning a nebula scene and messing around with options. This of course is not what I am after but I may as well put it up as it is quite pleasing and shows potential. Max 289 MV 20mis approx to sim on a Titan X 12GB

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Can’t find a way to get rid of that pixelated flickering at the end in the centre. There is no multi scattering here. That may well get rid of it but with massive render times ? Let me try a still.

Duh…I had solved it but when I rendered out I forgot to save then when I saved from picture viewer it seems i saved the wrong render set…was very tired…so may do the lot again but at 5 mins a frame for the final frames it may well be worth while testing this out on redshift, octane and Arnold. Thing is the time saved in GPU rendering ( not Arnold) is offset with the huge load/conversion times for the bcf files…i assume they are being converted to vdb internally

Found the renders !! Here is the new version, no pixelation but I prefer the first !!