No bounding box

Hi all,
Just installed in S22. No bounding box is appearing. The bounding box checkmark is ticked and I have enabled all and disabled all filters. Works fine in r21. Any ideas?
Big Sur 11.1 TFD 1468

This may be of some info. Bounding Box disappearing and not rendering smoke - #6 by Jascha_Wetzel

Yea unfortunately of no help :frowning: Whats real frustrating is it worsk in 21 and 23 but octane only is working with 22

Unfortunately TFD’s viewport preview does not work on S22 macOS for issues that have been resolved in R23. You could theoretically run simulations and render them since only the viewport is affected. For a proper solution we may have to wait for Otoy to fix Octane’s R23 support.

Hmmm. I guess the work around is set up the scene in r21 or 23 and then open it in 22?

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Yes, you could use S22 only to render. You may not even have to open the S22 GUI. Team Render will refuse to send jobs from R21/R23 to an S22 TR server but if you use a different render manager it should work. Rendering from the command line should also work.