Nothing happens TFD R23

I tried this plugin long ago and loved it!
But now I bought it for a job, but I can’t get anything to work…
The simulation window is super slow, you cant cancel or abort and nothing is showing in the viewport while simulating or cached.
the hole cinema program freezes and if I use cinema particles I don’t get anything simulated…

I have set all to default as I saw on other posts, but I don’t get any interactive sims so i can tweak my project and i have to force quit cinema evertime since the plug in freezes…

anyone else with this issue? need help asap on this!

I got:
Cinema R23
windwos 10 pro 20H2
TFD 1465
rtx 2080 super , 64 GB ram , ryzen 7 3700X


Could you provide the log file from %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Roaming\jawset\turbulence.log? You can send it to or attach it to this thread.
Thank you.

i have sent a email with the txt log