NVLINK Working hello?

I swear NVLINK was possible with TFD, was I wrong?

Workspace memory gets to 22GBS and I have 2 NVLINK 3090s and it switches to cpu when It cant run.

Trying to sim a large sim and even with current cards still cant? Bug or Feature to be added ???

I think there was already an answer here:

Is there a work around? Trying to do a large sim and still can’t without being over 24gb mem

TFD cannot combine memory of multiple GPUs to run a simulation yet. This has to be supported explicitly by the simulation engine, hence there is no workaround to make it possible at this point.
Depending on your scene setup you might also be able to save some memory by using fewer fluid channels. Other than that, the only option is to switch to the CPU at the point when GPU memory is exhausted.