Octane and TFD Rendering

I have been playing with the demo of Octane and though it does seem fast I have yet to really get into it but it does seem very blurry. The detail that shows in advanced render and Physical render are just washed away. Is anyone using Octane and getting sharp crisp results ? If so ca you post some examples

Hi Paul,

have you found a solution yet? I’m stucking with the same problem. Followed some tutorials for now, decreased the volume step lenght, played with the density, compressed the emission gradient and so on but the TFD Preview looks still way better. Can you share any tips? Thanks!

Sorry no I have not yet found anything that comes close to Advanced render yet.

Generally smoke/density is fine it is getting detailed fire I have not got the hang off. Standard TFD render settings just do that with ease

I’ve just discovered the following example which is made by using octane + TFD. So it seems to be possible to achive pleasant fire visuals inside octane. Also the second link shows a guidance for octane but I can’t replicate similar results. So, I’ve did a lot of research these days and got no step further.



NOT Octane
“Btw, what renderer did you guys use?
Thanks !=) I use standart physical render in Cinema 4D”

And your Octane link shows the fire as smooth and lacking detail. Saying that I find Arnold not to bad and closer to C4D but it is CPU and the new GPU renderer for voxels is not ready yet for TFD…I think maybe it could work with vdb not tried it yet…
I am not too sure if GPU is really that essential for rendering. OK for interactive testing etc it is good but once sent to a render farm CPU render across a farm will be insanely fast.

I’ve picked up the link in the octane user group on facebook and he mentioned octane is used for the flames.

Well on vimeo it is stated differently. I too would love to see someone get Octane to render like that or Redshift…RS also makes very blooby smooth fire when I try. https://vimeo.com/138180839

Yes, you’re right. Checked it right now. I’ve asked in the octane user group, perhaps anyone 'll share a proper workflow.

“Thanks Vinny, yeah I didn’t know if people would be interested in slower breakdown so I did it quite fast and keep dynamic. I used standard renderer for this… for this purpose it was good enough.”

Tweaked again some parameters, mainly in octane object tag:

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