Old Toy Car Exploding With a Petard

This is my very first (personal) project with the use of TurbulenceFD. Actually, it was made just to learn and test the TFD.

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Love it…987654321 Characters OK

Thanks, Paul.
And what are those numbers? (didn’t get it) :slight_smile:

Oh this forum demands a minimum number of characters for a post

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I have reduced the minimum to 10 from the default of 20. Having a minimum still makes sense in order to discourage noisy “Ok”, “Thanks”, etc. posts. Consider that notifications will be sent to all people watching a thread, possibly interrupting their work. A post should be worth the interruption.
I do encourage expressing appreciation beyond the like-button, though, and would consider that worth an interruption especially for the original poster. Hence, the reduction in characters.


Whoops…sorry i just hit a like and am now rabbiting. I will curtail my noisy posting !! this is NOT Facebook !!