Particle advection doesn´t match sim, huge position offset


I´m advecting xparticles, but the velocity of the TFD simulation is affecting the particles much earlier than the actual simulation. And that produces a huge position offset.
I´ve tried scaling the scene, changing particle velocity scale, using 2nd order advection when caching TFD, offseting the simulation… Everything I could think of.

Any ideas what can that be? besides this being a bug?

Cinema4D R23.110 (also happens in R21)
Xparticles Build 895

Apologies for the delay.

  1. Are there any other velocity modifiers affecting the particles? Without the TFD Volume they should not move at all.
  2. Is there a transform scaling the volume or particle point cloud?
    Otherwise, could you send or attach a test scene that allows me to reproduce the problem?
    Thank you.

Hi Jascha

Thank you for you reply. I managed to make the particles match the smoke entering a -1 in frame offset.
But here´s a file if you want to take a look.
advection_problem.c4d (216.8 KB)


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