Particle Emission Intensity

Hi, i dont understand how this diagram work. What is X and what is Y.
Also no matter how i fiddle with curves, I cant connect this with my XParticles radius. Eg. temperature doesnt get higher with XP radius. We should be able to control more parameters anyways eg. the pressure connected on radius etc.

Any help plz? It really makes no sense to me atm.


AFAIK TFD will only do this with C4D particles…but I may be wrong. Test yourself using standard or TP particles.

Thank u lemme re check!

X will be your input (partcle age, size etc) and Y will be the amount of emission. So a linear graph as in the default is a 1:1 relationship of say particle size to particle emission If you have the particles scale down with time or in fact anything which drives their scale you will see the emission decreases. Mots clear if you think about setting it to particle age. Without this particles will emit the same throughout their lives and just stop emitting on death. With this relationship set the particles will ramp down , or up, their emission with age.

Gottcha. I think this should definitely be connected with XP properties cause it will open a lot more possibilities. Shall i request this feature somewhere for the upcoming 2.0 version?

Yes of course put your requests in but hey I am just a user like you so cannot speculate on what’s coming. And I may be wrong about XP as I do not have that s/w !! Best get the correct info from Jascha

For the particle properties selectable in the Particle Property parameter, the mapping should work for XParticles. As Paul described, the X axis then represents the value from the particle input and the Y axis the value emitted into the voxel grid.

The radius is not selectable in the Particle Property parameter and can thus not be used as an input at the moment. This is an unnecessary omission, though (simply because not all other supported particle systems provide a radius property). It’ll be fixed in one of the next updates.
Until then, maybe you can work around it with the Size property.

Thanks Jascha. Do u have any scene with XP size that is working? Cause here i cant get it to work i probably miss something.

Apologies for the delay.
I have looked into this now and it turns out TFD already uses XP’s Radius property when you select Size in the intensity mapping. However, XP seems to be passing incorrect property values across its SDK interface. This affects Mass, Size and Age parameters with XP only (other particle systems work as expected). Thus, this would require a bugfix in XP.

Thanks! Hope they fix it in their next release or so!