Particles along path / velocity

I’ve got some particles that move along a path, which essentially show gases moving through a narrow tube. Is there a way to get the fire to flow with the particles better? I’ve tried messing with the velocity settings a lot, but it just doesn’t look like it’s flowing.

Try increasing the simulation substeps
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Hey Paul, I changed it from 2 to 100, but still getting the same result.

post the file and I will have a look

Gas Tube Flow.c4d (742.2 KB)

@Paul_Selhi here is the file. Thanks so much for taking a look.

I think the main issue is that my temperature buoyancy direction is set to 0.2 in the Y direction. I need it to flow in the negative Z direction, but then the parts of the tube where it flows upward/downward are going to look weird. I think if TFD had the ability to set multiple buoyancy directions, that would pretty much solve the issue.

AR gas tube?

Try increasing the Velocity Weight in the emitter. This is set to 500 with 50 pressure to expand it inside the tube.

Thanks Tim, I really appreciate your response!

I tried changing the Velocity Weight to 500 and pressure to 50 as you suggested, but I’m not getting the same result. Did you change anything else? See how bad this looks?

Looks like I increased the emitter radius a bit and changed the container timing to 100. Removed the buoyancy too, since the pressure should be better for that motion.

I also lowered the particle life and added some cooling but that wouldnt change the fluid flow.

Gas Tube Flow.c4d (859.9 KB)

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Thanks so much for the file back Tim, this is certainly looking much better! Yeah I think my timing was causing some weird issues too. Like the particles were moving too fast for the actual simulation.

Assuming you’re familiar with the AR system, with a username “Iron Sight Design”?

Yep, I’ve had my fair share of issued time with the platform…

That’s great. I assume you’ve done some sims surrounding firearms? Would love to see anything if you’re able to share.

Here’s a vid I did of the AR-15 a few months ago: