Personal proyecto "El despertar del Nublo"

Hello! Here is a personal project using turbulence FD. This is an emblematic mountain if my island Gran Canaria. I Hope you like.


Superb !!! Brillante y tan cautivador.

What was your render engine ?

Hello Paul! Thanks. I used standard c4d render with global ilumination. With matte objects. After that i composed all the scene un nuke

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Either it is a masterpiece or this Amnesia Haze is particularly good…or both… I will be honest…the techniques you use and the scene set up is within my skill set but your artistic direction and ability to bring all the elements together is the work of a true master…Love it.

And when I critique I do not fawn…I see it as I see it…

Lote of thanks Paul

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de nada, realmente disfruté viendo

What did you use for the scenery ? Terrgagen, Vue ? World Machine ? I would imagine that took longer to render than the TFD ! What were simulation render times like ? And could you post the machine specs used ?

There are real shoots of landscapes of Gran Canaria. This mountain calls Roque Nublo. I work on compositing with nuke, camera tracker and convert to geometric. Then work on c4d with voronoi fracture an turbulence FD. After that, i composed the renders in nuke. I have 6 computers on team render, 320 GB RAM in total. If i take time, i Will prepare a breakdown. Sorry for my english. Regards.

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Thanks, a breakdown would be great, your English is fine