Phantom Cache Still Renderable?

Some odd behaviour I just noticed. If I make a sphere emitting fuel and cache temp fuel and burn I get what I expect. Now I set the fuel to zero and re cache and the container shows i have no available channels and thus no data but i still see the fire and smoke and can render it. I had previously been messing around testing interactive sims and the preview fluid window as I wanted to see fire and smoke which is sadly not yet an option the viewport
TFD v 1454
This may have something to do with a “feature” that has been niggling away at me for years, TFD keeps pulling a previous cache when doing update editor timeline views and sometimes just blanks out even though I am viewing on a separate card to that which is simulating

Could you create a simple scene and describe the exact steps to reproduce this?
Thank you.

Will see if I can recreate it later today…Have a Joyous Beltane !!!