Preview window not working in R25

Hello, I’m using TFD vs 1480 on C4D R25 windows 10 with GTX 3080. Everything seems to work except the Preview window, which is greyed out. When using the same version on R21 the preview window works fine. Had the same problem with version 1479. Thanks,


update your drivers and/or update Windoze to the latest patches.

I installed the latest studio driver from NVIDIA (released 12/13/21) but unfortunately the preview window is still greyed out. All windows patches are up to date. Again, Turbulence FD on R21 works fine in the same computer. Attached are screenshots of TFD’s preview window on R21 and R25. Thanks.

Sorry…best put in a support email toJascha…

I am getting the same in R24 but I never use the preview

Yes, I will shoot Jascha an email. Thank you Paul for your help!


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