Problem: Container not shown in viewport

I am thinking of buying TurbulenceFD.
I tried to install the trial version but when I create a TurbulenceFD Container, I don’t see anything in the viewport.
It seems to create nothing.
I use Cinema4D R21 and I installed TFD 1449le.

The procedure that I have carried out is this:

  • Extract TFD to a folder
  • In Cinema4D Edit / Preferences / Plugins and add the extracted folder to the Search Paths
  • Extensions - TFD - TFD Container
    … The container is created but there is nothing in the viewport …
    Is it a bug ???

Make sure you have no viewport filters on
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Great, “Particle” was disabled.
That’s strange because I usually use X.particles :confused:
Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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