Problem with simulation

Hello friends,
I am not using TFD regularly, not so experienced :frowning:
I have a problem with simulation, please see link below, some strange jiggle up and down I don’t know how to fix it.
Can someone help me, please:)

try vorticity at zero

also make sure your car body has thickness greater than the voxel size to act as a collider, You can set up an invisible dummy car for that if needed

I would avoid all temperature and buoyancy etc and just use wind to drive the smoke…it IS a wind tunnel

I do everything that you suggested but same problem, I put simulation in the attachment in case you have the time to check it :slight_smile: thanks in advance

ICAR (1.1 MB)

ok on it give me 30 mins

Oh, beautiful… Thank you very much for you time and fast reply :slight_smile: You save me from miserable night :slight_smile:

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