PyroCluster clouds masking TFD smoke


I have a scene were I’m using C4Depot Easy Cloud to emit clouds (PyroCluster) and TFD to simulate smoke.
The problem is that the clouds are in front of the smoke when rendered.

Any ideas how to fix this?

Render the TFD as a Atmosphere pass and add in post.

So it’s a workaround?
Sounds like a bug to me then :thinking:

The problem is that in the atmosphere pass there are also the PyroCluster clouds

So if I have to render the whole scene with TFD or PyroCLuster clouds, an a second time vica versa, it’s a tremendus time loss.

Simply render the TFD separately and have the ship and scene Matted out and no pyro…no render hit. Do this with a batch render

My TFD Tutorial Set

Sorry, but that’s to much of a workaround and cost me too much (render) time to do.

From time to time I just need an animation to support our products and trainings, and therefore I’m buying tools and plugins to help me save time and not have to hire an expert.
When I buy a product I expect it to work properly. For me that’s clearly a bug or not working as I would expect it.

That is really a pity…

No render hit, you set up a batch render and the render without the TFD is faster as there is no tfd vol to calculate. The only time penalty is the setup of the 2 files ( minutes) and the compositing …which you should be doing anyway. And no…it is not a bug. Rendering your TFD as a separate pass will save you time in the long run as any adjustments to either the scene render or the TFD render can be done far quicker this way.

You could also simply use a cloudy sky HDR dome and save a LOT of time and get far better looking clouds.
If you want I will do the scene for you.

Something I was going to add TFD etc to but never got around to continuing it. Curtis P40 Warhawk Cinema 4D R21 Test render for a Tutorial - YouTube

Thanks for your responses. I’ll give it a try :grinning:

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How’s it going ?