Question for Project

I have a little Question here.

For a Advanced user it should be no Problem, but i have a little Goal here.

I want to use a Female Char, who is casting a fireball Spell. From the Scretch, not that kind of a Deal, but i want, that the Fireball Spreads out at the hands, being shoot to the Target and Finally Explodes, as soon it hits some Training Puppets.

The last Explosion would be the Hardest Part. I worked with some tutorials wich are using Explosions, but its tricky to set, and especially a hard Resource Feeder.

I need some Hints, how i can reduce the Resource Costs as far as Possible.

I hope someone could Help me.

By the way. Happy Hollidays.


Not exactly sure what you want here but lets try this : A burning fireball is in her hand and flys out to hit a target which ignites.
Have fuel as the combustion source set to ignite based on temperature. The female character is a hot lady and thus her hand will ignite the fuel and the fireball will blaze. The targets just have cold fuel on them so will not ignite. When the fireball hits them it’s temperature will cause their fuel to ignite.
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