R21 bug - bcf2vdb imported is 100x smaller

Doing a sim in R21. Since RS does not support TFD directly yet I converted the bcf to vdbs. Imported that in a RS volume, but I have to scale it 100 times to get the same scale as I sim’ed at. Is this RS or Jawset territory? :slight_smile:

Redshift 2.6.48 should work with TFD v1.0 1450. See https://www.redshift3d.com/forums/viewthread/27596/P15

About the VDB scale after re-import

TFD converts length values from C4D’s default unit cm to the otherwise conventional m. This gives you the expected scale when you use the files e.g. in Houdini. It seems RS does not assume that VDB files are in m and does not convert them back to cm. That’s technically not incorrect, because VDB does not explicitly specify the unit it expects.
I would argue, that TFD’s converting to m makes sense, since you typically want to use the exported files in other tools than C4D that overwhelmingly use m as the default unit.

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