R23 Redshift TFD


i spend days to get it work. No luck.Redshift, C4D and TFD all the actual versions. Can anyone please provide a simple basic project file. Simulations work fine. But cant get RS to show any result. Tried so many YT tutorials.


Make sure your TFD plugin folder is in the same folder as your RS plugin Folder
My TurbulenceFD Tutorials

Then :

  1. Set RS as your render engine
  2. Simulate a container with say density driven by temperature
  3. Add a RS light and ensure that in it’s settings volume contribution is at 1
  4. Add a RS volume shader to the container and select density for smoke and later you can play with temp as the emission source
  5. Render
  6. It will be slow so what you need to do is use the BCF2vdb.exe to convert bcf files ( found in the TFD plugin folder) and then add a RS volume object and load the VDB’s.
    &. Tweak the Volume step size
    Have fun

First of all thanks you very much Paul. So strange. I found your post about example scenes for i think testing render times. I opened this c4d project (“8g.c4d”). All works like it should. I even can play around with shader colors for fire smoke etc. But if i try to put these settings in a new project i can start simulation but never see something in the redshift viewer. I think some setting is missing. Will try out more. Never used redshift before. So all is new to me. With standard renderer never ran in issues.

Again tanks for your help.

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Hi. I tried all on windows pc. Succsess. I cant get it working on Mac. Redshift message: could not solve vdb file…

Think its time to change to a PC

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