Reactions and c4d native tools

Hello! i am wondering, if you plan to integrate reaction with c4d native tools like you did for tfd.

for example it was very nice to access tfd data from xpresso.
will i be able to clone geometry on a reaction particle emitter?
willl i be able to use c4d forces to influence reaction particle emitter?
will i there be integration between reactions tools and the new c4d node system?

thanks and have a nice day!

Reactions will provide all the integration you know from TFD and some more.

Yes. There is experimental support for this already.

Possibly. If this is for some reason not practical, Reactions will provide its own version of comparable force modifiers.

Ideally, yes. It’s too early to tell if/how/when this will work though (from both a C4D and a REA point of view).