Reactions how to use it

I’m trying to understand how it works - starting with the explosion template for example - when first launch the template the sim runs I can play it in the viewport change the shader, but lets say I want to change the sim - I change the number of particles - the sim is gone. Then starting new scene without closing C4d - the template doesn’t work anymore. I’m trying to find if there is some cache option or something that I need to to but I can’t find something - also the user guide is not quite helpful

This sounds like a bug, could you please send or post the log file from %USERPROFILE%\ReactionsData\reactions.log
Thank you.

This is how changing the particle count in the explosion template should work:


I get this issue too, when it’s crash then I restart C4D and template does not work anymore. This issue from previous version.

Please try again with v0.2.8 and post or PM the log file if it occurs again.
Thank you.